Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody

So much intelligent and timely analysis packed into each episode. Thanks to Bill and Steven for doing such a great job on the show. -iTunes Reviewer

College Football

Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody chronicles the latest in college gridiron. Hosts Bill Connelly and Steven Godfrey lead knowledgeable discussions covering all corners of college football.

Host: Bill Connelly

Bill Connelly grew up a fan of the Miami Dolphins (post-1970s glory), Pittsburgh Pirates (ditto), Portland Trailblazers (ditto again) and Missouri Tigers. That he still enjoys sports at all shows both severe loyalty and a potential personality disorder.

Host: Steven Godfrey

Steven Godfrey, senior reporter for SB Nation, previously worked for Gannett Newspapers, an experience that drove him to leave the media and spend five years in the professional wrestling industry. He’s a long suffering Atlanta sports fan.