Crossover Media Group is a content creation, distribution, and advertising sales company. Our mission is to create long-lasting, fruitful partnerships that deliver uniquely original content. Our team has expertise in podcasts, audio, video, TV, OTT, CTV, streaming media and traditional radio.

We believe the only way to reach consumers is with great content in a multi-platform approach.  We have assembled a team with diverse media backgrounds who want mutually beneficial results for our content partners and advertisers.


How Scott and Ron originally met and before Crossover Media Group LLC was formed is a short but wonderful story. A mutual friend of both Scott and Ron thought that they should meet up for coffee.  The coffee turned into a 2 ½ hour meetingwhere they learned they both shared the same values and business acumen as well as the love of Grilled Cheese! Scott learned about Ron’s love of entrepreneurship and Ron learned of Scott’s love of all things media. Soon after the fortuitous meeting, Crossover Media Group LLC was formed and the rest is for the history books!

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